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The unacceptability of being taxed too much (Part 1)

March 17, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Being taxed is something that people only tend to accept grudgingly even though they recognise that it is a very important part of the political basis of a nation. Nobody likes paying taxes because everyone likes the idea that everything they earn is their own, but people contribute to tax because they also recognise that living in a country that looks after you properly is important.

What people are unlikely to accept even grudgingly is the idea of being taxed unfairly. The tax model is generally a sensible one at its core if you think about how people who earn more money contribute more tax. However, once unfairness comes into it people are bound to react badly.

This is what happens when people are charged too much tax in error. It is only a mistake so it is not representative of some form of deeper mistreatment, but it certainly has a negative impact and that is why people get upset about it. It is also why they get even more upset when the matter is not resolved quickly enough and they find that they have contributed more tax consistently for a while.

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