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Speaking to tax claims experts about foreign working opportunities

April 17, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

If you work in the kind of business that allows you to experience a certain amount of foreign travel then you may have faced the question of whether to spend some time working in another country at some point. Your training may have put you in a position to conduct business really well in a foreign language and as such the door may be open for you to live abroad for a while.

If this does happen then you ought to give yourself every chance of enjoying the experience by making sure that nothing detracts from it. One thing that could detract from the experience is trouble with the HMRC here in the UK. Working abroad means paying tax in another country, but it does not mean paying tax in two countries. That simply wouldn’t be fair to you.

If you do get taxed by the HMRC when you are away living and working outside of the UK then you need to address the matter with as little stress and disruption to your life as possible. This is something you can achieve by getting in touch with a tax claims agency with experience in your particular issue.

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