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Tax mistakes have one of two outcomes

April 19, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

If you make a mistake when it comes to tax you can be pretty sure that the HMRC will be on the case quickly. They are likely to notice the error and flag it up so that you can sort things out straight away. It is amazing how efficient the HMRC seems to be when members of the working public make a mistake, but they are not quite so quick to respond when they are at fault.

The fact is that errors have two different effects. On the one hand, the mistake will lead to you owing money to the HMRC and on the other hand the mistake will to the HMRC owing you money. It is probably only coincidence that it is the former that seems to receive the lion’s share of investigators’ attention at the HMRC.

However, you can do your own digging and get the HMRC’s attention when you are the one owed the cash. Claims agencies do this all the time. They make the HMRC aware of mistakes that mean they have received more tax from you than is fair and the get tax rebates sorted out for you.

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