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Do not stop thinking about tax once you are taking your pension

May 12, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

When you retire you may imagine that all your issues related to tax become much simpler. In many cases this is true, but you should not think that your tax payments no longer need to be looked at. It is entirely possible for people to pay too much tax through their pensions and this is another situation that renders people entitled to tax rebates.

One of the most common causes for tax overpayments made through pensions is the use of the wrong information by pension providers or the use of the wrong tax code. Sometimes problems arise from having more than one pension or because of figures related to different dates and how conditions have changed over time.

The point is that your tax situation is not immediately solved just because you are retired. You are not in a position whereby you can simply ignore it and hope everything works out correctly, because there is every chance that you will lose money by doing this at a time when you want your finances to be in order. Tax experts can help you claim back any tax overpaid through your pension.

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