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Earning below the tax threshold at university

May 13, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

If you spent time at university in the last six years and you worked a job at the same time, it is worth digging out any documentation you have related to the years you spent in full time study. This documentation will tell you whether you paid tax on any of your earnings. The fact is that when you are at university you are just as eligible to pay tax as anyone else, however it is less likely that you will earn enough.

There is a basic threshold in the tax system. If your earnings for an entire year fall below that threshold then you will not pay any tax. If your earnings are above that threshold then you will pay tax on the portion of your earnings that falls above the line. You should check whether in your years at university you actually earned over the threshold or not.

If you didn’t earn over the threshold and yet your tax documentation includes details of the tax you paid during those years then you have been taxed incorrectly and you are entitled to a tax rebate. It is possible to secure a tax rebate by speaking to an agency that deals with refunds.

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