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May 15, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

The HMRC obviously relies on having complete information about your employment status in order to work out how much tax you ought to be paying if any at all. This is why your national insurance number is used so widely. When you start a new job, begin receiving dole payments, become a student and so on, you are likely to give your national insurance number to make everything transparent.

This is usually the method by which the HMRC learn about your movements, although they also rely on all sorts of other documentation to clarify things and to get a full picture of your employment status so that the correct tax code is applied to your earnings and you are taxed precisely what you are expecting to be taxed.

If you are not, there is a very real chance that the chain has been broken somewhere and an important piece of information has not made it to the HMRC so that they can take it into account. To set things straight, it is worth using a tax agency skilled in the delivery of tax refunds.

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