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When more tax comes out of your wages than you planned for

May 2, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

People always draft tax into their plans when they work out how much money they have available to them every month. This is something people get used to very quickly in the world of work because they simply have to know what money they can put towards different things and how much will come out of their wages in terms of stoppages.

The worst thing that can happen with relation to this matter occurs when you work out exactly how much you should expect to come out of your wages each month and then you spend accordingly on other things, including bills, payments and luxuries, only to find that more stoppages have been made then you were counting on.

In some cases, this can be put down to a miscalculation on your part, but on others the problem is simply that you have been charged too much tax. Do not put this down to your own error. Chase the matter up presenting your own calculations so that the HMRC can look into things and decide whether they have charged you too much in which case they can issue a tax refund.

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