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Claiming for essential tools used in the mechanic industry

June 22, 2012
Posted in Other Tax — Written by Geoffrey

Working as a mechanic can be an extremely rewarding career but it does often involve a fair amount of investment of your own because there are so many things that you need in order to carry out your job. The fact is that all specialist workmen require tools and other bits and pieces in order to ply their trade effectively and they need to spend money on these things.

However, anything that you purchase in order to get work done counts as a business cost. The tax system details that such items should be reimbursed because you need to invest in them in order to facilitate your daily work. It is important that you get a tax rebate for work equipment if you are mechanic and you have not yet claimed for such items.

Tax rebates are not just available for brand new purchases. If you have not been reimbursed for past purchases that you have made in the last six years then you can still claim as long as you have receipts. You may have these to hand or you may be able to speak to your supplier about getting copies to use as evidence.

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