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Deductible expenses related to nursing

June 19, 2012
Posted in Other Tax — Written by Chris

When you work as a nurse you tend to put in a lot of work and the last thing you want is to find out that you are paying more than you need to in terms of tax. It is not just a question of looking properly at your tax payments in order to make sure you only contribute the proper amount – it is also a question of finding out about the tax deductible costs that relate to your nursing profession.

There could be all sorts of costs that you can claim back. These may range from things that you have had to buy specifically for use at work such as tights and shoes that act as additions to your uniform, to things like laundering bills. Nurses often need to invest in books and other materials in order to do their jobs and these are also deductible.

Then there are union costs and travel costs. If you have to keep up with these expenses because of your work then you ought to be able to get a tax refund for them. Otherwise all these things are coming out of your pocket and causing your profession to cost you almost as much as it earns you in wages!

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