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Reach the proper equilibrium when a job loss messes up your tax payments

June 23, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

It can be hard to make ends meet at the very best of times when work is going well and you don’t have too many responsibilities to keep up with that cost you a lot of money. However, family life and getting older in general mean greater responsibilities and they make it harder to keep yourself afloat financially. If you do lose your job then things can become a real struggle very quickly.

It is important that you remember to claim tax back if you have been paying on a model that takes into account a full year in the position you were in before you found yourself out of work. Bringing in no salary at all for a spell means that your tax situation has changed drastically and previous payments are likely to favour the HMRC at your expense.

This is something the HMRC will be interested in sorting out so it is in everyone interest that you get in touch quickly, inform them of the situation, fill in the right forms and alert the right people so that you get a rebate for the difference and the proper equilibrium is reached.

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