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What to do with a three figure tax rebate

June 24, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

A tax rebate is a lovely thing to receive so it’s no wonder that people generally greet them in celebratory mood. In a lot of cases, tax rebates actually add up to thousands of pounds and there’s no telling what doors this might open up for you. You might be able to use your tax rebate for something special or it might make your life much easier financially.

Receiving a three figure sum as a tax rebate could enable you to treat your family to a holiday that you might otherwise have had to put off for another year or so. It might enable you to have some work done on your home that otherwise might have led to a struggle for cash and a long spell of tightening your belt.

Otherwise you might actually want to use that three figure sum to pay off some of your bills or debts to give you a bit of extra peace of mind and generally to improve your financial situation. This is still a positive thing to do with your money because it helps to take a weight off your shoulders.

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