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When you don’t know how to complain about tax

June 1, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Tax is not always an easy topic because it is the sort of thing that immediately starts to feel slightly cloudy as soon as it is brought up. It almost feels as though you have to be some kind of expert in order to get your head around tax, especially when there is a problem and you don’t know exactly how to resolve it. For instance, you may need to check on why you are being taxed a certain amount.

The hard thing is knowing what you are supposed to say and what evidence you are supposed to provide in order to back up your case. It is also difficult to know what exactly you ought to be pushing for if you know that your current tax situation just isn’t right.

However, it is the job of the Inland Revenue to look into your complaint and to do the hard work for you. They cannot expect you to know everything about tax even if you know you are paying the wrong amount. Tax agencies can also help by taking on correspondence so that problems are addressed with due haste.

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