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Listen to intuition when tax plays on your mind

July 14, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

Nobody expects you to be able to come at disputes with the HMRC with any particular professional knowledge. Only those in accountancy, finance or human resources are likely to be well versed in matters of taxation, so it is perfectly natural to be a bit flummoxed by the correspondence the Inland Revenue has sent your way. Sometimes, the HMRC may not send you anything. They may just take more tax than they should from your earnings.

You may not be a professional and they may have loads of experience in tax matters, but do not assume they are right when it goes directly against your intuition. They deal with a huge number of cases and they are prone to mistakes, whereas you only need to deal with your own circumstances which means your instincts are very valuable.

If you have records and can investigate then you can get a tax rebate to cover the amount the HMRC has taken in error. If you need some professional assistance to put your side of the dispute on the same level as the HMRC then you get it with the help of a tax claims agency.

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