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Restore health to your bank balance with a rebate

July 16, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

A tax rebate represents a real boost when you need it most. The fact is that obtaining a three or four figure sum in the shape of a tax refund can be the difference between a struggling bank balance and really healthy bank balance. Actually getting hold of a tax refund is a matter of understanding how much tax you should have paid given the earnings relating to a certain period of time. When you know this figure, you can work out if you have overpaid or not.

Overpayments ought to be followed up with some proper correspondence explaining to the HMRC the situation you have found yourself in. All you really need to say is that you should have paid X and the HMRC has charged you Y and that you expect to be refunded the difference in light of the investigations you have conducted.

Obviously you may want to invite the HMRC to conduct their own investigation – they will do this anyway. Tax claims agencies are good at saying exactly the right thing to the HMRC to give your case the proper attention.

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