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Why good record keeping puts you at an advantage

July 15, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

Good record keeping might seem like unnecessary hassle and it might even seem a bit square but if you are not prepared to administrate your life properly then you may come a cropper of all the bureaucracy ordinary people are obliged to keep on top of every month and every year. All it takes to keep proper records is a file where you can separate documents according to type and store them safely.

When put in these terms good record keeping does not seem like a demanding task and it doesn’t seem all that square either. It’s just an ordinary activity people do – part of the general housekeeping of life. Moreover, it is incredibly useful, especially when the HMRC get in touch and start asking for money that you don’t think you ought to be obliged to pay.

If you have all the right records and you can put your hand on them straight away, you can respond promptly telling the HMRC why you feel you are correct in rejecting their request. In other circumstances, you may need your records to claim back tax when the HMRC is guilty of taking too much.

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