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Tax refund scams to watch out for

August 14, 2012
Posted in Fraud, Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

These days, email scams are a common occurrence, but most are unsuccessful. Most of us are wise to the tricks of email scammers and email providers are also up to speed on the best anti-scam measures to take to protect their users from fraudsters.

However, the nature of email scams is evolving, making them more persuasive than ever before. Tax rebate email scams are amongst the most common and sometimes the most successful, as scammers play on the fact that a tax rebate out of the blue can be a very tempting lure to many Internet users.

Two types of tax rebate email scams to look out for

Scam 1: An email from claiming you are owed a refund of a specific sum over £200. This email may often contain the following:

• “Due to the high volume of refunds you must complete the on line application, the telephone help line is unable to assist with this application.”
• A link to a website, where you will be asked to enter your bank details to get your tax refund

Scam 2: An authentic looking email supposedly from the HMRC, containing:

• The official HMRC logo
• A link to the official HMRC website
• An online form which asks you to complete downloads onto your computer. This bypasses your anti-virus system, making it more dangerous.

HMRC never contact people about tax refunds in this way, so don’t be fooled by the scammers no matter how realistic their emails seem.

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