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Calls for Birmingham Council to crackdown on fake ID tax discount claims

September 13, 2012
Posted in Fraud — Written by Jennifer

Senior councillors in Birmingham are calling for a crackdown on false council tax claims, after it was revealed that people using fake student IDs to claim discounts are costing the council as much as £2 million.

Over in Bristol, it was found that around 35 per cent of those claiming to be students and paying a reduced rate of council tax were either not students at all, had registered as attending colleges that didn’t exist or who had dropped out of their courses.

It is now feared that the same thing is happening in Birmingham. Commenting on the issue, Councillor Jon Hunt, who is the Opposition Liberal Democrat spokesperson in the city, said:

“There seems to be a very high number of student discounts. I wonder if our investigations and processes are robust enough in checking student credentials.

“Sums of more than £1 million could be going astray because of fraudulent student discounts.”

Problems with falsified identity affect all parts of the UK tax system, from council tax discounts to income tax rebate claims, and can result in millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money going missing or being paid out to dishonest claimants.

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