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Is your tax refund correct?

September 19, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

When a letter from HMRC informing you that you have been given a tax rebate comes through the letterbox, you may so thrilled that you don’t even check the amount. However, you should always look closely at your tax refund letter to ensure it is correct.

The reason for this is because you could be owed even more in tax refunds, or you may have been given too much. There is a slight chance that at some time in the future, HMRC may ask for the overpaid money back.

If something is obviously wrong about your tax rebate, you should let HMRC know right away. You can do this over the phone, by email or online, but make sure you do it as soon as you spot a problem on your tax rebate letter.

It may be the case that you suspect something is wrong with your tax rebate but you can’t be sure. In this situation, you can contact HMRC anyway so that they can investigate it, or you can arrange for an accountant or a tax rebate specialist to look into the matter for you.

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