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The importance of informing HMRC about any changes in circumstances

September 21, 2012
Posted in Income Tax — Written by Chris

In your dealings with HMRC, whether it’s claiming tax rebates, filing self-assessment tax returns or simply paying income tax, there is one golden rule you must remember above all others. This is to inform the departments of any changes in your circumstances.

You may think that very small changes, such as your living situation or your address, don’t really matter. However, changes in your circumstances of any kind or magnitude can affect everything from benefits and tax codes to tax refunds and National Insurance contributions.

What changes should I inform HMRC of?

The following are a few examples of changes in your circumstances that you should always let HMRC know about.

• Change of address
• Change in marital status
• Change in living situation (i.e. someone moves in with you or moves out)
• Change in employment (i.e. you’ve stopped working, been made redundant or have decided to retire)
• Business changes
• Change in country of residence

If you aren’t sure whether you should let HMRC know about a particular change in your life, remember the golden rule. Send an email or ring HMRC up anyway, and let officials there decide whether your circumstance change is of importance.

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