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5-year jail term for tax adviser charged with fraud

October 26, 2012
Posted in Fraud — Written by Geoffrey

A financial adviser has been found guilty of tax fraud and forgery after he helped a client to make a false tax rebate from HMRC and then pocketed the proceeds.

Mohammad Izhar Ul Haq, 59, was charged for tax fraud back in May 2011 but was apparently unable to attend a court appearance in February 2012 due to illness. Mr Haq claimed that he fell ill when in Pakistan, making it impossible for him to return to the UK to make his court date.

However, HMRC officers later found CCTV footage of Mr Haq gambling in a London casino, at the same time he claimed to be in poor health in another country.

Mr Haq has now been found guilty of the allegations made against him, which included forging a bank guarantee so that a client of his could make a false VAT repayment claim from HMRC. The financial adviser has now been sentenced to a five year jail term.

Martin Brown, who is the assistant director of Criminal Investigation for HMRC, commented on the case. He said:

“Haq presented himself as a trustworthy financial adviser, but instead he showed that he was an ingenious document forger. HMRC will not tolerate attacks on public funds. We will investigate anyone found attempting tax fraud and protect taxpayers’ money from criminals like Haq.”

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