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Close call for Welsh pensioner who nearly lost thousands in tax rebate scam

October 26, 2012
Posted in Fraud, Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

A pensioner from Carmarthenshire in Wales has spoken out about how she nearly lost thousands of pounds after being targeted by a tax rebate fraudster.

Anne Williams, a 76-year-old retiree from Johnstown in Carmarthen, said that she received an email recently which claimed to be from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The email said that she was owed £380.

Mrs Williams admitted that she nearly believed that the email was authentic and put her bank details in. At the last minute, she contacted HMRC and was told that the department never asks for bank details in emails. She was also advised to delete the email immediately.

If she had entered her bank details, Mrs Williams could potentially have had thousands of pounds taken from her bank details. She has now spoken out to warn others of such a scam, saying:

“People could be easily tricked into losing a lot of money.”

“I hesitated when I saw they were asking for bank details, so I think people should know this sort of thing is going on.”

Anyone genuinely wanting to claim a tax refund should contact HMRC directly or alternatively, use a reputable tax refund specialist to handle the claim on their behalf.

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