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HMRC issues reminder to prevent people falling victim to tax rebate scams

October 28, 2012
Posted in Fraud, Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

HM Revenue & Customs has been forced to issue new advice for taxpayers on the department’s contact methods, after receiving numerous complaints from people who have been sent tax rebate scam emails purporting to be from the tax office.

This particular type of scam email typically informs recipients that they have received a tax refund, and an exact amount is usually stated in an attempt to fool the person that the email is authentic.

Ronnie Ludwig, who is a partner at the Scottish branch of accountancy firm Saffery Champness, said:

“Although these messages have been doing the rounds for a while, many people still believe them to be genuine as some scams appear more credible than others.”

The emails, which sometimes contain HMRC logos, also ask the recipient to enter their bank details and other personal information. If a person is taken in by the email and provides their details, the scammers can unlawfully take money from the person’s bank account.

HMRC has now been compelled to reiterate the fact that the department never contacts people about tax refunds by email, and never asks people to provide bank details in this way.

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