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Leaving the UK? Don’t forget to claim a tax refund

October 27, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

There are quite a few different situations which may result in a person being due a tax refund, and one of them is leaving the country to live elsewhere.

Here are the conditions you need to meet to claim a tax rebate for this particular circumstance:

• You need to have worked and paid income tax before you leave
• You need to be leaving the UK for an extended period of time

It is also possible to claim your tax rebate once you’ve already left the UK. There is a deadline you will need to meet, so you’ll need to put your application in within four years of leaving the country.

It can seem quite complicated to claim a tax rebate, especially if you’re now living in another country. If you don’t fancy filling in forms and contacting HMRC yourself, you can make your claim through a specialist tax rebate company. You simply supply a few details and the company will make the claim on your behalf.

Even if your case is quite complex, your tax rebate claim can be made in this way very quickly and easily. Going through a tax rebate service also ensures that your rebate is processed and paid as quickly as possible.

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