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1,600 Irish self-employed disappointed after tax rebate system error

December 15, 2012
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

According to a report on the Irish Times website, more than a thousand self-employed people in Ireland were left disappointed after they were told that a system error had led to them falsely being told they were owed tax rebates.

At the end of October, around 1,600 people who are currently self-employed filed their tax returns and received letters from the Revenue On-line Service (Ros) stating that they were due a tax rebate. Rather than receiving the refund, however, it turns out that these unlucky people were not actually entitled to any tax back.

The problem was due to an error in the system which calculates tax rebates, leading to around 60,000 tax rebate cheques having to be re-examined to ensure they were issued correctly and for the right amounts. The 1,600 people who were told they would receive a refund will now, unfortunately, not be getting one of these cheques.

A spokesperson for the Revenue has explained what happened, saying:

“An issue arose with a very small proportion of these payments, 1,600, whereby the income tax payment was treated solely as a balancing payment in respect of 2011 rather than as a balancing payment in respect of 2011 and a preliminary tax payment in respect of 2012,”

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