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Criminology professor comes up with method to cut tax fraud

December 17, 2012
Posted in Fraud — Written by Geoffrey

A professor from Cardiff University believes that he has come up with a method to help HMRC, which is the department responsible for income tax, tax rebates and tax fraud, to tackle tax evasion and business fraud.

With the financial backing of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Professor of criminology Michael Levi has conducted research which shows that the authorities could tackle tax fraud cases by obtaining more data about the nature and extent of offending. He explains:

“Typically, the information available on offending or threat is just a marketing hype. It comes from business consultants who want to scare companies and government into buying services aimed at dealing with problems that may be a lot smaller than claimed,”

As well as suggesting that public agencies need to do more to obtain data that has public or professional credibility, Professor Levi has other ideas for cracking down on tax fraud, particularly amongst big business. For example, he says that persistent offenders need to be prosecuted and “taken out of circulation” rather than simply having to make a settlement payment.

Professor Levi’s full research report has now been shared with the National Fraud Authority and the European Commission, as well as the Financial Services Authority and the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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