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Ford seeking multi-million dollar property tax rebate in Minnesota

January 18, 2013
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

The car manufacturer Ford Motor Co. is reportedly seeking to claim a tax rebate on property dating back seven years from Ramsey County in the U.S. state of Minnesota.

Ford is contesting seven years of tax assessments carried out by the County’s tax officers on an assembly plant it owns in a highly desirable residential area in St Paul.

Ford announced back in 2007 that it would be closing the property, which is on a 122 acre site in the Highland Park neighbourhood. Since the announcement, the Ramsey County assessor’s office has been valuing the property as a ‘mixed-use’ development.

However, Ford is now contesting the valuation of the property, claiming that other factors should be taken into consideration when determining the site’s value for tax purposes. The company, believing that it should be assessed at a lower value and classed as an ‘industrial’ development, has paid the tax it owes on the property but is now seeking a tax rebate potentially worth as much as five million dollars.

The case will go to state tax court in the next few months, after which the permanent valuation status of the property will hopefully be determined.

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