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Man secures council tax rebate for his whole village

February 26, 2013
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

A Durham man who was unhappy with changes his local council was making to council tax rates has managed to secure a refund for his whole village.

Adam Foster, a 37-year-old father of two, discovered although Sherburn Parish Council had promised to freeze council tax rates, it actually increased them by 8 per cent in 2012. The council has said that the increase was caused by a clerical error, but decided to stick with the higher rate rather than issuing reduced bills and refunds.

Incensed by this decision, Mr Foster doggedly pursued the issue with the council for months, lobbying parish councillors and getting residents on his side. His efforts have now been rewarded, as the local authority has agreed to issue council tax refunds to everyone in the village who overpaid last year.

The refunds will not be a large amount, with each household expecting to receive between £1.44 and £4.32, but Mr Foster still feels his efforts have been worth it. He explained:

“I feel the council has treated residents with contempt. Why did they have to wait until the following January to guarantee the rebate?”

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