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Mauritius tries out film tax rebate scheme

February 14, 2013
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

The island nation of Mauritius has made the decision to launch a film tax rebate scheme, with the aim of encouraging producers from all over the world to come to the country to boost its film and television industry.

The incentive, which received approval from the Government back in November 2012, is being run by the Mauritius Board of Investment. To attract international production, the scheme will offer tax rebates worth up to 30 per cent of qualifying Mauritius spend.

Shamima Hassam, who is in charge of the tax rebate project and who visited Berlin recently to raise awareness of the incentive, said:

“We started to do some research and look at new sectors that we would be able to promote. One sector we thought would be interesting for us was the film industry,”

Ms Hassam also revealed that Mauritius is planning to set up co-production partnerships with producers in other countries. She said:

“For the time being, we haven’t signed any co-production treaty with any country. However, the Government has the intention to sign some co-production treaties with the four primary targets, namely the UK, France, South Africa and India.”

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