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Temporary workers are likely to be due tax refunds

February 13, 2013
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There are many reasons when you might be in a position to claim a tax rebate. One of the most common reasons is temporary work, where a person works for only for a few weeks or months of the year or at a time.

Students are the most likely to undertake temporary, casual or seasonal work, particularly in the long summer break or over the Christmas period. This kind of work will not usually bring in enough income to exceed the Personal Allowance that every person has, which is the amount you need to earn before you have to pay tax.

Students also tend to work part-time at the same time as studying, which also means that they won’t be earning enough to break the personal tax allowance.

Tax refunds

Income tax is calculated based on the assumption that you work for an entire year. If you are only working for part of the year, you may be paying too much tax on your earnings and will be entitled to claim this money back.

HMRC may automatically send you your tax refund, but you can also put in a claim for it yourself or have your claim handled by a tax rebate specialist.

you’re a student and only worked in the holidays but didn’t complete a form P38(S) Student Employees

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