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Warning over council tax rebate scammers in Gloucestershire

February 5, 2013
Posted in Fraud, Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

The council in Gloucestershire has issued a warning over to people living in the area about callers offering bogus council tax refunds.

According to the borough council, there have been a number of complaints recently about cold callers ringing up households seemingly at random and offering substantial rebates on council tax.

Residents in the town of Tewkesbury in particular seem to have been targeted. Many people in the region have claimed that scammers have called up out of the blue and said that they are entitled to a tax rebate of £2,000 or more on council tax bills. The callers then ask for payment to process the tax rebate claim.

Gloucestershire council officials are very worried about cold callers targeting the elderly and other vulnerable people who may be more likely to be taken in by the scam and give out bank details. Some pensioners have already complained, and the council is advising anyone who has received such a call to hang up the phone and report the incident to the police.

You are never likely to receive news of a tax rebate, either from your local council or HM Revenue & Customs, by phone, so you should be on your guard if someone rings up offering you a refund in exchange for payment.

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