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Leaving the UK? Don’t forget to get your tax affairs in order

March 13, 2013
Posted in Income Tax, Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

If you are planning to leave the UK on a semi-permanent or permanent basis, you are likely to have an enormously long list of things to organise and get in order before you go. However, whatever else you need to do, you must not forget to get your tax affairs in order.

Inform HMRC

Letting HMRC know of your plans before you leave the UK for a long period is absolutely crucial. You may need to complete a tax return, claim a tax rebate or pay any extra tax you owe. It is also likely that you will need to fill in a P85 ‘Leaving the UK – getting your tax right’ form. This form will also help you to claim your tax refund if one is due.

Will you be non-resident in the UK?

If you will be leaving the UK to go abroad for at least one whole tax year, where your visits will be less than a certain number of days, you will be classed as being non-resident in the UK for Income Tax purposes. This means you won’t pay UK tax on any earnings you make abroad. If you will work partly in the UK, you will pay tax on this part of your earnings.

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