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Actor Stephen Baldwin admits tax evasion

April 7, 2013
Posted in Income Tax — Written by Jennifer

The Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin has admitted tax evasion in a New York state court, although he has managed to avoid a jail sentence.

Baldwin, who is the younger brother of TV and film star Alec Baldwin, admitted in Rockland County Court that he failed to pay income tax to New York state between the years of 2008 and 2010. In total, including interest, taxes and penalties, he is believed to owe as much as $400,000 (£263,000) to the state rather than to the IRS, the department responsible for federal income tax and tax rebates.

The Usual Suspects star managed to avoid a jail term, as his legal representatives reached a plea bargain. As long as Baldwin pays back $300,000 (£197,000) of what he owes within a 12 month period, the slate will be wiped clean.

However, if he does not pay within a year, he will face a five-year sentence of probation, which would require him to follow certain conditions and be under supervision, whilst making a full repayment, for five years.

Explaining how he got himself into trouble over his taxes, the 46-year-old said:

“Unfortunately, I got some really bad suggestions and advice … from lawyers and accountants,”

“I just look forward to getting the $300,000 paid in the next year,”

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