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Look into tax when you work outside the UK

April 3, 2013
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

It’s not easy to turn down the opportunity to spend a bit of time working in another country. The experience is often a very positive one, both in a cultural and a professional way. Of course, there are always certain administrative matters that need to be looked at when this kind of move is made. Working abroad represents a certain amount of upheaval and the effects are widespread.

There are certainly effects when it comes to taxation. It’s a matter of fact that you should be paying tax in the country of your residence and you should not be contributing tax payments to a country you are simply spending no time in and where you have no going concerns.

If you do get taxed on your earnings by the HMRC while you are abroad then you need to look into the matter more closely. You need to seek out an explanation or at least alert the relevant parties to the mistake. This is something you can do simply and easily through a tax claims agency as they are likely to have all the right contacts to present your case effectively.

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