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Never let accidental unfairness in tax payments go unnoticed

February 8, 2014
Posted in Income Tax — Written by Geoffrey

What’s the one thing you would want from your ideal taxation system? Most people’s answer to that question would probably be fairness. Even those who want to pay less in tax each year probably recognise the positives of a fair tax system that sees those who earn the most contribute the most and those who earn the least contribute the least.

Of course, that’s what the tax system in the UK is crudely based on. Unfortunately, it’s not only politics that upholds the fairness of the system. Fairness also depends on how smoothly the system is administrated by the organisation in charge of it – HMRC.

Occasionally, HMRC makes a mistake. Communication breakdowns usually lead to these mistakes, whether they take place between you and HMRC, you and your employer, your employer and HMRC or the latter’s internal departments.

Some mistakes end up with you paying more tax than you should. That’s unfair. To restore fairness, there is a system by which tax refunds can be generated and they will be once HMRC has the complete information.

The key is to remember not to take everything as read when it comes to the tax you pay and never to let accidental unfairness go unnoticed.

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