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Mechanics Tax Rebate Service

Mechanics spend �1000s on the tools they need to carry out their day to day work. Because of this they can claim a tax rebate form HMRC typically around �1000. Most mechanics do not realise that they can claim this money and it is very difficult for them to do it themselves. This is where our service can help.

We will do all the work needed to obtain the rebate on a no win no fee basis. All we need for each client is their signature and their receipts. Once the client has received their tax rebate we then charge them a fee of 25%+vat.

Our service is promoted around the country by independent agents. Generally they make appointments to visit garages and then sign up the mechanics. Our agents generally work in the following way:

  1. Phone a garage, speak to the service manager and make an appointment to visit.
  2. Visit the garage and sign up 2-5 mechanics.
  3. Collect the mechanics receipts from their tool rep.

We pay our agents the following commission:

30% of our predicted fee. Our average fee is £180 so the average commission is £60 per sale.

We pay weekly and within 7 days of receiving the claims.

+ Productivity pay

If 50 + claims are received in 1 month (2.5 per day) we will pay an extra £1000. Paid monthly

If you are interested then please click register your interest. You will then be contacted to arrange training.

David Brennan (Managing Director)