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WARNING: Croydon Council Tax scam

March 30, 2010
Posted in Fraud — Written by The Tax Repayment Agency

Just a quick one for anyone living in Croydon and surrounding areas.

A man posing as a council worker is calling residents in an attempt to scam them out of hundreds or thousands of pounds.

The caller, who according to one resident sounds as though he is of African descent, will inform you that you are due a council tax rebate due to being in the wrong councail tax band.

He will have the first four numbers of your bank card and will ask for the rest so he can transfer your rebate to you.

Residents who receive such a call are advised not to give over bank details or any other personal information.

A spokesman for Croydon said:

“This is an increasingly common scam.

“Nobody should reveal their bank details, or any other personal details, to somebody they don’t know.

“We always advise that people ask to see a caller’s identity. Council workers will always show their identity card, which carries a phone number, manned 24 hours, which can be called to check that the caller’s genuine.”

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