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June 30, 2010
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All taxpayers in the UK are eligible to claim for tax rebates if their documents show that they have overpaid on income tax. There are many situations under which an individual can claim tax back. People who have lost their jobs and there is no source of income can claim for tax rebates. Students who work can also claim for a tax refund.

You can also claim for tax rebate if an emergency tax code is used to calculate your income tax.

Know how much you paid as income tax

If you want to know the amount you have paid in tax and how much you have earned in the last tax year then read your P45 and P60 carefully. If you have lost these forms then you can ask your employer to give you a statement of earnings. Once you get the information about your tax and income then you can enter the figures in tax rebate calculator to check the amount of the tax refund.

How to claim tax back

Along with the tax rebate application, you have to send P45/P60 or Statement of Earnings to the tax office. Form P91 is also required for them to know your employment history. If you are leaving the country then the P86 form is required by the authorities. Filling and attaching these forms is very complicated, so it is recommended to hire a professional who will help you claim the tax back.

According to the UK’s tax scheme, individuals who earn less than the tax threshold are entitled to claim for a tax rebate.

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