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A guide for international students on getting a tax refund

August 31, 2010
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

If you are studying and working in the United Kingdom, you may be eligible for a tax refund. Students are usually confused about tax refunds as many often question whether they are entitled for a tax return or not.

There are many common factors that determine tax rebate eligibility. Make sure you consider the points below to determine your eligibility.

Can international students claim tax rebates?

If you have worked in the UK and always paid your taxes, you could be in a position to gain a tax refund irrespective of the type of a VISA you are on. Refunds do tend to expire though, so it is recommended that you claim for your rebate as soon as possible.

The amount which you will get back depends on what you earn and the tax you pay. It is calculated according to the tax year and most international students generally earn below the tax free allowance, so this entitles them to claim the full tax amount.

Where to get student tax forms

You can get international tax refund forms from the local tax office or you can consider getting professional help. When completing the tax application form, you need to provide the following forms; P45 or P60, P91, P86 and P85.

To summarise: International students are not exempt from paying taxes if they work in the UK. However, students working and earning below the personal allowance are eligible to claim their tax back.

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