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Need to claim tax back without a P60 or P45?

August 30, 2010
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

Many people fail to claim their tax rebate every year as they either lose their tax documents or do not have a P60 / P45 from their employers. As many people give up claiming a tax refund, millions of pounds go unclaimed every year. If you have paid your taxes regularly you may be eligible to get a tax rebate.

What is a P60?

By the end of every financial year, your employer will provide you with a P60. This document shows your earnings and the taxes you paid during a tax year.

What is a P45?

When you leave a job, your employer will provide a P45 document to you. Similar to a P60, the P45 is also an important document that consists of a breakdown of your income and the taxes you paid during a tax year.

In case you have a new job lined up, you must provide your P45 to the new employer. With the help of this document, your new employer can put you on the correct tax code.

What will happen if you have not got a P45?

When you leave your employment, your employer needs to provide you with a P45. In most cases, when you quit your job unexpectedly, the employer will forward this document to your last known mailing address.

If you have misplaced your P45 document, you need write a letter to the payroll department of your company and ask for a statement of earnings. By entering the amount of earnings and the taxes you paid into a tax rebate calculator, you will be able to know how much tax refund you are eligible to get.

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