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The tax-refund procedure for self employed and employed individuals

August 28, 2010
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If you are self-employed like an architect or a construction subcontractor, you are liable for paying your own taxes.

In order to pay your taxes, you will need to file a yearly self-assessed tax return.

While the process of preparing and filing a self-employed tax return can be quite complicated and confusing. Taking help from professional tax experts can save your time, money and efforts. They will also make sure that your tax refund forms are filled in properly to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Who needs to fill in a self-employed tax refund?

Self employed individuals including architects, consultants, engineers, care workers, in-field sales workers, commercial drivers and engineers need to file for tax refunds on their own.

Professional tax experts take care of all your work related expenses including:

• Rent on business property
• Workwear / uniform tax rebates
• Monitoring refunds and business mileage tax rebates
• Tax refunds on expenses
• Mechanics / tools rebates
• Office expenses and claim fees
• Work related insurance

Tax rebate for employed individuals

If you live and earn in the UK and pay your taxes on a regular basis, you may be due to get a tax rebate. When you are employed, your employer will provide you with a P45. This is an important document that contains your earnings and the taxes you paid during a financial year. By entering these values in a tax rebate calculator, you will come to know the amount of tax refund you are eligible to get.

When claiming a tax rebate, your P45 or P60 are important documents you may need to provide. If you have misplaced these documents, you need to ask your employer for a statement of earnings.

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