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Claim tax back when going abroad to work

September 29, 2010
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

With the increasing population of the UK, the unemployment issues are quickly rising. Due to this, many people leave the UK and go abroad to explore employment opportunities. If you have been living and earning in the UK and are planning to go abroad to work, you may be due a tax refund.

When working in the UK, if you have regularly paid your taxes, you may be due to a tax rebate. However, the amount of the refund will completely depend on your earnings and the taxes you have paid. If you are leaving the UK half way through the tax year, you can claim tax back on your income and tax for the year.

How much tax can you claim back?

If your earning has been less than the yearly tax free allowance (i.e. £6,475), you can claim back the entire taxes you have paid. On the other hand, if your income was above £6,475 for the tax year, you can still apply to claim a portion of the tax back.

How to calculate your tax refund?

After you end your employment, your employer will give you a P45. The P45 is an important tax document that has all details about your earnings and the taxes you paid. All you need to do is enter these values in the tax refund calculator and you will know the tax refund amount you are eligible to get.

If you are claiming for a tax rebate, it would be a wise decision to get professional help to ensure that you get an appropriate tax rebate amount.

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