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Government provides extra funds to prevent tax evasion

October 27, 2010
Posted in Fraud — Written by Chris

Due to increasing tax fraud cases, the government is ready to spend an extra £900 million to combat tax evasion. This money will be invested in buying better technology which will help the government to work more efficiency.

With the help of new technology, it is expected that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will save 15%.

George Osborne said that the aim is to deal with the huge gap between taxes paid and taxes owed. The extra £900m will help in recovering the missing tax and could mean £7 billion in tax revenue.

Along with extra money, HMRC also needs to encourage compliance and voluntary disclosure to achieve desired results. It was reported that last year many people were charged more or less income tax than they should have been.

If you think that you have overpaid income tax then you must hire a professional and claim a tax rebate as soon as possible.

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