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Are you eligible for tax rebates? Here is some important information for you

November 30, 2010
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

There are many individuals in the UK who qualify for tax rebates. They are charged more income tax due to wrong or emergency tax codes. Part time working, retirement and leaving the country can also be reasons for overpayment. If you want to know whether you have paid extra or not then use an online tax calculator.

With an online tax calculator, you have to enter various details such as the amount of money earned (income), the tax paid and the tax year. After adding all of this, click the ‘calculate’ button and find out how much refund you are eligible to receive, if any.

Once you have finished the calculation and have decided to apply for tax rebates then start filling in the application form. In addition to this, you also have to attach various documents with the application. This may include a P45, P60, P85, P86 or P91. Send all these documents with a cover letter to the tax office.

Once you have applied for a tax refund then it will be processed and you will receive a cheque in 30-45 days. The process of tax rebates may also be delayed if you fail to attach appropriate documents with the application form. For example, if you have not attached the original P60 form or its replacement then the whole process will become lengthier.

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