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Filing for a tax rebate when you have paid too much tax

January 31, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Jennifer

Anyone who gets paid through the HMRC PAYE system may have paid too much tax. If you change jobs part way through a tax year or leave a job part way through a tax year, you may end up paying a higher amount of tax than what was expected.

What happens to the extra tax?

You are entitled to the excess tax that you pay. This can be done by filing for a return at the end of a financial year. You can file for up to six years worth of tax refunds.

Reasons for overpaid taxes

Mentioned below are certain scenarios in which you may overpay tax.

• You changed from being a full time employee to a part time employee or you started your own business and became self-employed
• You have more than one job
• Your employer might have been using the wrong tax code thereby putting you in a category not meant for you in terms of tax paid
• You are a student and worked full time as an employee without filling out the P38S student employee form
• You were un-employed for more than 4 months in a financial year
• You retired and did not claim for benefits during this time
• You changed your job and had to pay ‘Emergency Tax’ for a stipulated time
If you fall under any of the aforementioned scenarios, the chances are that you have paid too much tax and hence are eligible for a tax refund.

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