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A quick reference guide to tax rebates

February 27, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

If you have paid too much income tax and want your money back, you can claim a tax rebate. To know how much tax rebate you can claim, you have to enter your tax-related details into an online tax refund calculator. You can get this information from forms P45 and P60.

If you have decided to apply for a tax rebates then you may have to submit these forms along with the application form. Here is a list of forms required with the application form:


This is a document which provides information related to your annual income and tax paid. It is a three-page form which is issued by your employer at the end of your employment. You have to keep the Part 1A of your form and hand over other 2 pages to your new employer. While applying for a tax rebate, you have to submit Part 1A of the form.


This form is known as an income certificate and is issued by your employers at the end of each financial year. It indicates the amount of money you have earned in that specific year.


You may also have to attach a P91, which is also known as an employment history form. It contains the details of your previous jobs.

P85 and P86 for migrating individuals

These two forms are must for individuals who are leaving the country and want to apply for a tax rebate.

If you have lost any one of the above mentioned forms or documents then you can submit the replacement form to the local tax office.

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