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Correcting mistakes on tax return documents – what you should know

March 31, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

When it comes to filing a tax refund, not many people are aware of the actual procedure. In fact, many people often miss out on something or make an error when filing their tax return.

Rectifying the error within 12 months

If you have made errors in your tax return documents, you can get it rectified within 12 months. This is generally known as the amendment period. For instance, for 2009-2010 tax refund, the amendment period will be until 31st January 2012. If you get your tax return in late (post by 31st October) you can make corrections after this date.

If you have previously sent your tax return documents on paper, there is no need to send the entire tax return again. You just need to inform your local tax office about the error and attach the pages you want to get changed. Thanks to advancements in technology, tax return amendments can also be made online.

After the HMRC accepts the new figures, you will get a repayment or will be informed about the extra tax you need to pay. As long as you claim tax back in time, you will be eligible to receive a tax refund from the HMRC. If you are confused while filing for a tax refund, do not hesitate to take help from the experts.

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