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March 31, 2011
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Although many people tend to make tax overpayments, not everyone is able to claim tax back. In fact, not many people are aware of the tax rebate procedure. You can claim a tax refund either after ending your employment or by the end of a tax year (April 5th).

Some commonly asked questions

When can one claim for tax refund?

Tax refunds can be claimed anytime during the tax year. After submitting all the required documents, you can expect to get the refund with 4-6 weeks.

How far back can the tax refund be claimed?

You can claim all overpaid tax that dates back up to the past 6 years. As there is no need to make any statutory returns, no penalties are charged.

How to find out whether or not you have an emergency tax code

You just need to go through your wage slip. If there is any prefix or suffix of M1, W1, X, WK1, BR and MTN1, it may mean that you have an emergency tax code.

Under what conditions can you get a tax rebate?

If you are paying emergency tax, have worked on a CIS basis in the construction industry, put on a wrong tax code or have worked for half a year, you can claim tax back.

What are the required documents for claiming tax rebate?

To claim overpaid tax back, you will have to provide your P45/P60. If you have somehow misplaced your tax documents, you can also give ‘statements of earnings’ as an alternative.

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