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Qualifying for a tax rebate

June 28, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

One out of every three tax payers in UK is usually eligible for a tax rebate. Tax rebates can arise from various sources of personal income. For example, there are certain types of jobs where the tax is deducted at the time of payment.

There are certain types of businesses which require the person to use and provide their own tools. In such case the tax rebate can be carried for up to six years.

Another example of a job which usually qualifies for tax rebates is where the person employed is required to visit the client’s house and therefore, may be using his or her personal car for travel. The car usage may be taxed under income as it is being used to commute for work, but if it is a personal car for which the income has been taxed, a rebate can be filed.

If the expenses for motoring are being paid by your employer or are being paid at a rate lower than that which is being charged by the government, you are entitled to a refund and may claim the same from the government. Another common reason for tax rebates is when the employee is leaving the United Kingdom before the end of the financial year. Most people who leave the United Kingdom and subsequently their jobs do not have any intention of getting back into employment soon. Under such circumstances, you will not have used your entire personal allowances and can claim a rebate for the same.

Another way that you might be eligible for rebates is if you start a PAYE employment midway through the financial year. A PAYE system is one where you are charged on a monthly basis. This is usually used by people who are being employed for the first time, or those who have just shifted base to the United Kingdom.

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