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Can I claim a tax rebate if I’ve paid too much National Insurance?

August 26, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Geoffrey

You can pursue a tax rebate if you think you’ve paid too much income tax, but you can also claim for overpaying on National Insurance (NI) contributions. There is a limit to how much NI each person needs to pay, and if a mistake is made or you end up paying voluntary NI contributions when you don’t need to, you have the right to claim some money back.

You may need to file a tax rebate claim for National Insurance contributions in the following circumstances:

• You have two or more jobs and you earn more than £844 a week in total

• You are no longer self-employed but you still continue to pay Class 2 National Insurance

• You were both self-employed and employed in the same year and ended up paying more than you needed to

• You continued working after reaching State Pension age, and your employer continued to deduct National Insurance (Class 1) from your earnings. If self-employed, you may have continued to pay Class 2 NI contributions despite passing State Pension age

• You paid NI Class 2 contributions but your profits were less than £5,075 a year

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