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Asking questions can lead to tax rebates of hundreds of pounds

October 29, 2011
Posted in Tax Rebates — Written by Chris

Tax errors and oversights often result in ordinary people seeing more stoppages on their pay than they ought to see. These stoppages often go unnoticed because they do not amount to a great deal when taken as one-off payments. However, they are sure to build up over time if the error is not corrected and eventually they can add up to hundreds of pounds.

What is a little more disconcerting is the fact that the self-same errors frequently go unnoticed by the HMRC. If nobody flags them up, then the errors cannot be corrected and the person in question goes on paying too much tax until they change jobs or change circumstances and the discrepancies are effectively buried by the passage of time.

If you don’t ask the question then you don’t get anything in return. It is always worth an inquiry to make sure your tax situation for the past few years has been correct – especially if you have even the smallest reason to suspect an error. Many people enjoy tax rebates adding up to hundreds of pounds simply because they were wise enough to ask the question.

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